A lot happens in five years

A lot has happened since the last time I actually blogged. I am no longer in Ireland. And after four years back in the United States (first in Ohio and then New York), I found myself relocating to yet another island. However, this time I would travel to a place more than halfway across the world: New Zealand. But it wasn’t enough to move to one of the most remote places on earth: I had to settle in one of its far-flung outposts.

But before pulling up stakes and going to Aotearoa, we had to drive across the United States with our two border terriers and cat, from New York to California with an unexpected prolonged stay in Ohio as the processing of our visas ran into some difficulties. If you ever find yourself in central Ohio, make sure to visit the thought-provoking Malabar Farm1. Apart from a flat tire somewhere in the outskirts of Indianapolis, Indiana, the cross-country road trip proved to be a rather uneventful affair.


  1. Link was originally http://www.kreis.su/node/2014/6/20/malabar-farm but post no longer exists – 2 July 2023.