they cry wolf

The World Cup 2006 is at an end, but still viable, drawing the hearts and minds of humanity — we are all enamored of the reincarnations of Adonis playing football on a stage of redolent green. on its final outcome. Meanwhile Israel rolls tank after tank into Gaza. In the name of ‘security’ they proceed to commit genocidal-like atrocities. The US remains quiet, tacitly approving Israeli actions; one Muslim less means one less fundamentalist after all! As for the rest of the world, i.e, Europe, it is unable to form a coherent voice on anything, much less on this; in stead, they argue about Franco and things of the past.

The enigmatic and erratic Kim Jong-Il is at it again. How many missiles did North Korea fire? seven? The UN is ‘revolutionized’ and there are louds calls for a diplomatic solution, especially from the US. We know that had it been Syria or Iran firing those missiles and Japan had been Israel, the ‘aggresors’ would have been wiped off the map. America would have acted instantly violently and rapidly. No to mention that the UN would be dispensed with.

American foreign policy is a mess, to wit: fucked up. Israel is not America’s friend! As de Gaul put it: A nation does not have friends, it has interests. Zionists have a right to believe in a promised land and they have the right to attempt to effect it wherever they please. What they are not allowed is to commit genocide. Israel has lost all credibility. Possessors of the Suffering™, which vested them with a monopoly on what is ethical and just. Should those who have suffered be able to tyranize the rest of humanity ad infinitum?

If Germany utters any criticism of Israeli policy, Israel retorts with the hypocritical and saturated charge of anti-Semitism. In fact, any country that utters any criticism whatsoever of Israel is in fact ipso facto anti-Semitic.

How is there to be a viable Palestinian state when the rudimentary aspects of a nation are not allowed to develop? The deliberate destruction of Palestinian infrastructure will inevitably halt if not set back its development.

The two-state solution is a farce. The Israeli pull-out of Gaza was presented as a noble one-sided act — here again the Israelis doing their part. But the details were not revealed much less the final intent of Israeli policy. Yes, there are to be, at one point, two states living side by side but the Palestinian state will only have the trappings of statehood, while Israel retains the ability to go in whenever it feels the need — under tha guise of ‘security’, of course — and set things straight.

Perhaps one day, someone will come about and steer American foreign policy in the right course. And then Israel will cease to be the largest recipient of direct American foreign aid (it amounts to over 10 billion with indirect and military aid). An Israel that is no longer propted by American dollars will be forced to finally bargain.

For now, Israel will continue to do what it accuses others of doing — pretending to be a state of priests, a holy nation. And anti-Zionism will be purposely confounded with anti-Semitism.

I hate Israel. I have no qualms with Jews.