l\’artífex de la meva pròpia felicitat

Finally! Lately, I have been feeling rather lithuanian, but to-day I felt very european. The liberation from the platitudinous stagnation came about upon a rather wonderful realization. It is not a new realization properly – it has been contemplated many a time before but likewise dissipated – but it is one that has been reinvigorated and donned with the luster of newness.

I realize that happiness is an internal condition. One effects it in oneself. There are external factors, which through the senses, are gathered, collected and then processed or interpreted by the mind. The quality of stimuli is not really important, what truly matters is how these are handled. The mind is able to accept the stimuli as is, this I would call processing, or they can be interpreted. Processing can exist if there is a relative reality, which is experienced by all and one. If this is so, then stimuli can be as is, if not, then stimuli is nothing and everything at the same time. By this I mean that stimuli has the potency to be everything for a particular individual and because it possesses this quality, it is nothing because its signification to each individual is different.

Now, I would say that stimuli possesses the potency for everything. Stimuli is substance but not essence, the essence is not innate but invented; stimuli does possess substance, otherwise it could not be felt, i.e, experienced. When the essence is imputed by actualizing one of the potencies it possesses, then it becomes something, ceases to be nothing and everything.