to make a mistake and hide the fact is one thing. to make a mistake and accept it is to progress. the former is to stagnate

chance, we dont’ deserve anything if it’s by chance, chance bestowing upon man certain opportunities (nothing is taken into consideration, e.g., goodness of person, since it is all random). how does this solve the problem presented by the faith-based, destiny-oriented philosophy of plato? even in that one abilities forgetting better word are bestowed by divine dispensation on mortals without being explained other than by the fact that they are divinely inspired (cannot know the why again idea). EEK so if i discover something ,it is not because i am worthy of making the discovery, it is because it just so happened to actualize so – the potency could have been there for anyone else, but it chanced upon me – i don’t deserve it. it’s by chance. man than must not be praised, for anyone could have achieved what one man achieves (by chance); ideas then must be praised.