Pismo OS X.3

Oh, how precious. To-day I set about installing Panther on the Pismo. The installation was a success and at the same time, potentially, a failure. I now have OS X.3 on the Pismo, but, since I was unable to proceed to disc two, I do not have some of the programmes that come with the OS, e.g., iPhoto. And iPhoto was exactly what I wanted! I took some funny photos yesterday, and also to-day but not having iPhoto on the Pismo, I am unable to transfer them. Also, I am afraid to connect the digital camera because when I connected my iPod shuffle, all the songs on it were erased! To my luck, I have been able to connect my old iPod to the Pismo and at the moment, I find myself listening to the 8 gigs of songs that I have stored in it! Without music, life is simply not worth living.