habemvs papam

Y’all, habemvs papam, which for those of y’all who don’t speak this dead language (yes it’s dead my dears) means that we’ve got a new pope! Yup! Y’all can dry your wee tears, put away those hideous black clothes and don some nice pastels, after all, it’s Spring y’all!

Check it out! The official site of the Holy See has removed the graphics of the old pope, what was his name? I don’t recall, it was too Slavic for my taste and my tastes are quite Italic! And instead, the site now has graphics of the new pope. Hurrah. Cheers! Oh how charming!

I’m totally stoked, for reals! Anywho, visit the site: vatican.va

Nota bene: the Apostolic See’s site has been online since 1995. That’s right y’all, the Church, for dating back to the 4th century (thank you Constantine for dictating the Nicene Creed and all the other Doctors of the Church, e.g., Agustin who concocted the idea of original sin) has been quite savy and used the Internet to its advantage.

But seriously, I am unsure how I feel about this particular decision. Personally, I would have preferred an Italian as pope, after all, they do a better job. Also, I hope that the real reason why this dude was elected is that he’s already on the threshold of the Heavenly Kingdom, thus he is simply a transition figure, allowing the Church to decide where it wants to head, hopefully in this interlude, realize that it needs to be a bit more progressive. Were this a different circumstance, I would be happy with this choice, after all this particular pope has an affinity for theological issues rather than pragmatism. But now is not a time for theology … a quite divisive and destructive thing, as schisms and history have demonstrated. Amen.