talkie talkie

Juan: ooh
Mando: damn i just forgot
Mando: que?
Juan: i don’t speak portuguese
Juan: i was going to ask you something
Mando: what was it?
Juan: damn you whitney houston, you made me lose my concentration!
Mando: haha

  • * *

Juan: do you know how to drive?
Mando: sort of
Mando: ha
Juan: oh you city folk
Mando: i failed my driving test
Juan: with your damn buses and subways
Mando: but i passed the written with flying colors
Juan: so you passed where it don’t matter? lol
Mando: das right
Mando: can you drive?
Mando: wait
Mando: i already know the answer to that
Juan: yes, i do know how
Juan: pfft