A or B?

What sounds better?

Photos are a manipulation of time, a theft of time per se, for the now which then becomes the now-actualized, the now-passed and no longer the now of now. A photo is the extraction, the extirpation of a fraction of time from Time, of motion that is paralyzed for the enjoyment of the ocular sense. In a sense, a photo is a preservation of a now that would forever be lost, save in the dark recesses of memory, but even there it would not be preserved completely or fully; whatever traces of it are engraved in memory are imbibed with the bias and censorship of the human mind. Alas, I have posted some photos that I have taken since 2003 and I deem worthy of being preserved, and now shared. Enjoy.


OMG y’all! I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos to this site. OMG check ‘em out! Holla!