random thoughts

Why is it that whenever I hear “Billy Jean,” I an immediately reminded of one the most wickedly amazing times in my life?

California was nice. “Hi.” “You again?” “Yes.” “Let’s do lunch!” “I can’t, I’m going back to-morrow!” “But!” And now I am back in Santa Fe, but the weather in Santa Fe is killing me. I was not meant for dry climates.

In 2 days I shall reveal my little secret! I’m so stoked! (Yes I said stoked, I’m Californian after all.)

I think I now know what makes a Great Book a great book! Muah I love Proust!

A funny incident occurred about two weeks ago: I kept calling my mom but she wouldn’t pick up (Yes I know, it’s weird that I’d call her)! Apparently, she thought I was someone selling newspapers! After several days, she finally answered the phone only to say, “Who is this?” Kyrr!

There is this great citation in Català, I just can’t recall it at the moment!

I was so goddam giddy to-day everyone thought I was on crack at work! I kept giggling like a lunatic! I always get like this whenever I haven’t slept. I went to bed around 2 am (I was reading Proust) and woke up at 5 am. Meow! And then I read Proust again. I love work, I think I make it ‘speshal’ because of my nature.

Here is a conversation between two johnnies: “Where do you work?” “At at a café” “No seriously.” “I kid you not.” “Doesn’t that require small talk?” “I’m quite talkie don’t you know!” “Right.”

I love my Peter Pan shoes! Yes they’re back in my life! “But I thought that they had a hole and were no longer fit to be worn?” “Yes and they are stored in a shoe box in my room in California. But these are the same shoes, though in a different colour!” “Ah how fantastic!” “Indeed! Gad, I can’t believe they are making them again!”

I was able to go for a dip in the pool in NoCal. It was refreshing though a bit nippy!

Everyone is asking about the green rubber band on my left arm. Let me just say that green is my favourite colour after grey and that I have a fascination with the green rubber bands at Whole Foods. I don’t believe in wearing any type of metals on the body, e.g., jewelry, but a rubber band is a whole different story!

Mikel Erentxun kicks ass again and I love his music yet again, though I can’t bring myself to listen to it at the moment.

I want to go to Seattle and become … a Jesuit. Fancy that!

Let’s all hope that the next Pope is an Italian, for the sake of the Ekklesía!

2 days!!! I’m terribly excited!