I miss home terribly

To-day I craved to be in the desert mounted on a camel, travelling down over sand dunes that are reminiscent of the ones left behind. I imagined myself doing this, traversing over a sea of sand. And it brought me to tears. Perhaps it is because to-day I have been quite emotional. I almost broke down in tears at work. Sometimes life becomes too much for me. I admit that I am a sensitive soul and I have known this ever since I was a boy. My father hated this aspect; I have always let down those that I love.

It pains me to be so far from this land I crave so much in my dreams.

“No, really, you here, in this place where I’ve thought so much about you, I can scarcely believe my eyes, I feel I must be dreaming!”

Oh, to be in love. “No, really, this is not a dream. I am truly here. I left you here and I’ve kept my promise. So hold me!”