I daydreamed that I jumped into a pool of azure, whose profundity was enough to satiate the vitiated tastes of a surfeited lover. Oh and to what lenghts one goes to produce excuses and justifications … to prevent the soul from partaking in truth. And in this pool whose essence engulfed me from head to toe and much more, I did pirouettes! I felt this body of life press against every bit of me, kissing the whole geography of my body. Ah … to kiss … a peck! A peck! On the cheek! To be in love is marvellous, it fuels creativity and a state of effusive ecstasy. Well I’ll be jiggered! Jiggered!

I feel dead but I am on instincts. I go on adoring and longing car je m’ennuye de lui assez. Oh it is absurd … oh my dear, my dear sir … but perhaps not as ridiculous as my name: Juan Carles Quiles Cárdenas. But it’s quite venial I say. Yes. Good night that in sleep I find comfort and a provisional and iridescent opiate to the troubles of my esprit.

[nota bene: removed broken image 3 oct 13]