(mt) Media Temple

In 2013 GoDaddy acquired (mt) Media Temple, the web host provider I used to host my website since 2005. I had used GoGaddy previously and did not have a good experience. Therefore, I decided to find a new web host. Apparently a decade was not long enough. (mt) Media Temple operations were absorbed into GoDaddy last month and the price of my hosting plan increased by 80%. I scrambled to find a new host.

It is astonishing that I used (mt) Media Temple for almost two decades! Then again, time seems to be rapidly escaping through my fingers. I am left with the mundane tasks of fixing broken links. This work has led me to re-read the affected posts, which has left me with the unsettling feeling that the entries were published by someone altogether different from me. The continuous, unbroken narrative of the self (myself that is) — that framework that links the various me over time and space — reveals itself to be a myth. Then again, I have a tendency to compartmentalise these superannuated selfs and to not look back and therefore forget the common thread.