thirst for truth

Man seeks to discern truth from error in order to understand his world. From truth proceeds unity and from unity understanding. Thus, he thirsts with all his being for this building block, per se, of knowledge.

His existence is posited a priori: cogito ergo sum. All logic is based ultimately on the illogical (but more on this later). Now he can proceed towards truth and ultimately understanding.

He could postulate that all things are true, but this would be self-defeating. If all things are true, then the opposite, all things are false, would also be truth, falsifying the initial statement.

All this is nice but ultimately amounts to nothing more than metaphysical fluff. Not only have I relegated truth into the most decrepit and dampt place of my mind, but I believe that this mutilated truth is beyond reach and therefore negligeable, i.e., we can create an elaborate system without taking it into consideration.

And not only have I relegated it, but I have never cared for oh how shall I put it, meaning. An existence that stretches from point A to point B is not devoid of meaning. Nor is an existence devoid of Demiurge meaningless. To believe this is to believe in absurdity. Meaningless does not arise from the lack of these things. It arises from a mind that desires these things, that needs these things and is unable to distinguish a simple reality: truth and desire are not one in the same.