On Stockholm

Stockholm is an amazing place. Known as the Venice of the North, the elegant city embraces fourteen islands, an archipelagic skein strewn where the fresh waters of Lake Mälaren meet the salty waters of the Baltic Sea.

On the weekend, the city was alive, vivified by an intense and oblique sun and sense of urgency — the cool breeze hinted at the hard five months of winter that lie ahead.

Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the burning cosmopolitan, modern and splendorous patina that is Stockholm. The two hour boat trip did not afford me the opportunity to take photos — a shame! And the bus tour, upon which I had placed high hopes, instantly disappointed. Though the bus was a double-decker, the upper deck’s sides were of far-upward-reaching glass. Any attempt to stand up was quickly dashed by the low-hanging light rail cables above. It was almost hopeless.