enough is enough

The Bush administration took the United States to war on false pretenses. Not only had Saddam W.M.D., but he was also aiding Al-Qaeda. Of course there were no W.M.D., after all, America was the one that had armed Iraq when it was fighting Iran; it would have only required an inspection of the arm sales’ receipts to verify their existence or lack thereof. Anon the presence of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, prior to the invasion, there were elements of Al-Qaeda present in Iraq but in the Kurdish region — i.e., the region under the auspice of the United States!

Now, if we assume that the case made justly and without the intent to deceive, we can expatiate for the venal error. Then again, if the administration had actually believed in what it was promulgating, then why did it change its reason for invading Iraq after it was demonstrated beyond a doubt that there were no W.M.D.? It would have sufficed to have said: Look, the intelligence was flawed. We must now rectify this. Instead, the motivation for the invasion has changed, time and time again.

I think the last raison was the liberation of the Iraqi people.

The Bush administration has lied countless times and it shall not cease to lie. It is destroying American democracy piecemeal! From what John Ashcroft to Gonzalez … to the sidelining of Colin Powell. When does it become too much for the American public? When does the buck stop? Enough is enough!

The troops must be pulled out of Iraq! American democracy serves the people! Our foreign policy must not be held hostage on what might happen to the soldiers in Iraq. Are we saying that what happens to 160.000 soldiers is more important than what happens to a 300 million-strong democracy? Has America been taken hostage by the Praetorian Guard? I dare not believe it!

President Clinton was impeached because he fooled around in the Oval office. President Bush is destroying our democracy and nothing is being done!

Nothing! The Democrats are worthless, reduced to a rubber-stamping legislative. It is disgusting! The Founders must be turning in their graves!