let\’s dance in sunny weather

One day I wanted to travel abroad and I travelled to the far reaches of earth; I vomited until my stomach was empty and then I emptied myself of it. I fancied myself at college and so I went to an archaic institution of higher learning — and learn I did. But then, I was sad, sadder than I had ever been.

I considered myself cityfolk, thus I voraciously dug myself into the bowels of the ancient ocean that once was New Mexico. My intellect turned me into an atheist, however, my body craved mortification of the flesh; the body must have its deprivation, its religion.

I once dreamnt of living in Europe — she was perfect. But soon her 50 years of advancement have been lost; she is now decadent and stagnant. Ever so often, I mumbled about visiting Europe; I was Edward Gibbon scouring through the ancient Roman ruins.

The dreams where I was constantly chased, sometimes taking flight, are no more. Now I am driven mad by sexual dreams — sexual desires.

I heard your voice earlier to-day, as you may know, after a strange and raucous polyphony of immemorable tedious screeches; a light at the end of the tunnel. Then, an epiphany: I want to be with you. The sound was both natural and organic; it was sharp and you had come alive on my end. I was instantly animated, I too had come alive.

Finally I will set foot on the Old Continent, but anew Europe will lie to the East — a stumbling giant unable to replenish itself. Meanwhile I’ll busy myself with life. It’s about time, age is catching up with me!