Time-wearied, is there no end in sight? The curtain falls and hardly anyone claps. The audience is thin, emaciated, hardly a cough. Fucking clap! By Jove, may I turn to stone if not a soul dares clap. I am worried to tears.

The children of Sodom and Gomorrah already traverse the earth with heads impudently raised to high heaven. Life is one pathetic drawn-out comedy, fastidiously crafted by the Artifice. Oh but trust Him not, for though we have been taught otherwise, the sublime and divine Demiurge is susceptible to human error too!

The mighty audience, stretched as far as the eye can see and then some is aghast, His might is awe-inspiring; no-one dares laugh, not that the divine comedy merits much laughter. It is a pathetic oeuvre.

Under the ægis of patriotism — now everything from the ignoble to the hateful is shrouded in the aura of good — the leader of the free world calls for the protection of that ancient and sacrosanct unit: the family. And the nation turns its easily distracted attention to the eternal cause célèbre of the Republican Party.

On occasion from the hubbub of mediocrity, best exemplified by the middle class, which drowns almost anything honest and good, speaks a lonely voice, questioning bravely: Where are the WMD?

It is silenced: Iraq was invaded in order to liberate its people, to bestow upon them that lofty idee fixe of the West: democracy! WMD? utter nonsense! Waffles!


The end of the world approaches, the signs are there! The Antichrist rules. Do you not see it? The children of Sodom and Gomorrah tread the earth!

Ah the Whore of Babylon. God, oh forgive me Holy Father for I have sinned and continue to sin! Thou art just and merciful.


America is a strange place; I should feel unwelcome if not hated. Not only am I a minority — one of those detestable people with dark brown skin, a sordid color that reeks of inferiority, barbarian races that infest the greatest and most civilized nation the world has seen, taking advantage of porous borders — but I too am one of the children of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Not only am I responsible for taking away jobs from honest, hard working Americans, but through a diabolical subterfuge, i.e., the predication of gay marriage as not only a civil right but a human right, I with the whole lot of the gay ‘community’ attempt to revolutionize the state. (Is there such a thing as a gay community?)

And one may also add to the mélange a pagan-like veneration for the ancients and their vice-ridden ways! No Jesus Christ for me, no thank you. Nor do I care for watered down Jewish rites and rituals; I do not care for Oriental mysticism! The Delphic oracle I tolerated for its charm!

Fools, the whole lot of people who happily listen to what a perverse fool has to say. Hate is not an American value!

America is a fantastic nation and an equally fantastic idea. Xenophobia as well as hate and fear of anything other is a symptom of a decadent society. Is this where we are now Cecidit de cœlo stella magna?