It is said that “every individual man and all men in common aim at a certain end which determines what they choose and what they avoid. This end, to sum it up briefly, is happiness,” and I believe it to be true. But I am, to be honest, unhappy. It is my suspicion that in our endeavor to obtain happiness, we more often than not accomplish quite the opposite.

We fill our lives with the most mundane of tasks. And we tell ourselves that these will make us happy. So our daily lives are replete of stupid and monotonous actions.

It is as if we are hibernating, and when we do wake from this perennial stupefaction, after much ‘soul searching,’ we convince ourselves that we are content with the situation. But contenment is not happiness.

I am lead to believe that man is opposed to truth. Foolishly, philosophers took for granted man’s hunger for truth; upon this fantastic myth, spectacular philosophical edifices were constructed.

Again, happiness is the culminating end, the end in itself; all things are done for it. For this reason, men seek to obtain possessions – they are means to an end and not an end in themselves. Happiness is the end.

Man’s erroneous belief that possessions lead to happiness is epitomized in the following: life, liberty and the pursuit of property.
The more property, it is reason, the happier man is

I am weak. I feel the full weight of my decisions and in particular of those that exist in potencia. It has been said that men deliberate on those things that they have control over, yet it does not feel . The goal of all men is happiness, though ultimately, in our endeavor to reach it, we accomplish the opposite.