fortune cookie

The life of every man is a fantastic story replete of equally fantastic characters. But like a story concocted by the pen of an author, here too in this story that bereft of edits retains a wonderful rawness, characters come and go; each one adds to the development of the hero, of this übermensch who ideally strives to overcome himself, but unfortunately accomplishes the opposite under the auspice of the ruinous effects of society – a self-sabotage. Yes, there are some characters that append themselves eternally, etched until that mysterious end of ends, but the coming and going is much more common and all-too familiar to man. Such is his fortune.

Thus, it must be remarked that those that are one day the most dear and familiar, upon the setting of the sun and his renewal, become strangers, returning to the darkness from which they initially sprung forth and into our life; he who was once close becomes the one furthest from reach.