the epexegetical kaì and more

Caption: Andáte con tu madre con ese cuento.

I purchased hazelnut cocoa spread; it’s a fancy name for nutella sans the copyright. Unfortunately I have no bread to apply it to! The temptation was much too strong and I was reduced to slapping seriously considered and calculated amounts to hamburger buns, af if any amount of this fantastic substance could honestly be healthy! In the end, it was all rather unsatisfying; hazelnut cocoa spread on whole wheat organic hamburger buns is tantamount to … oh I don’t know what it really amounts to, but I will never do this, ever again! At least I have learnt my lesson and oh how well I have learnt it, the horrible taste remains on my tongue.

Now, hopefully this will not lead anyone to think that I have a love for hazelnut cocoa spread! No, far be it from it. I simply saw the stuff at the market and as if by impulse placed it in my basket. Perhaps I was trying to be devilish; eating healthy is much too boring.

Speaking of desperation, I have finally made my way back to the living room, not without spending a day or two in the hallway; had I not found a longer ethernet cord, I suspect I would have stayed in the hallway (fotolog1)! My old laptop does not have a wireless card and I have decided to use it instead of my other laptop. Why? I don’t know, perhaps I want to relive the past.

So, here I am in the living room on some old laptop that reminds me of my mythical Dionysus, counting the minutes.

I don’t know how to justify the passage of time. It’s this thing, a phenomenon that happens. I have so much free time that I simply do not know what to do with it or myself for that matter. I won’t complain for in two weeks it shall be in short supply.

All things aside, something is happening in my life; it is beginning to change and this transformation is really palpable. I am actually excited about it. Let’s see where this leads to.

1 Link was originally but is no longer available, 3 July 2023.