this ain\’t no disco and you ain\’t no diva

Why must I be so … er … so me! I have yet to start school again and I am already planning something that might ultimately result in my expulsion; yes I kid you not. But in my defence, I cannot simply let this go. I have discovered, oh to use a word that is now in vogue, evil! Yes, I have found evil in one the last places I would have imagined. So now I am arming myself for a nasty fight. I am not scared though, if I am censured and ultimately ostricized, so be it. I’m a big boy and I rather be a real intellectual than a product of streamlined education. Gad, we are fed so much nonsense, that it is simply amazing that the majority of students are not more mediocre.

The reward promised by success is too noble and delicious to ignore. I see parades and applauses. I can shine for once and be the toast of the town. Failure promises banishment but I am willing to run the risk. If I was able to stand California for 16 years, what’s another lifetime? Besides, I have shown myself that I don’t need to live in California. Banishment can only be a reason to return to my Nana’s country. Why not? The option is there, I need only an excuse to take it.

But yes, I want to be an intellectual. I want to think and criticize. No, I haven’t become a democrat all of a sudden but I do realize that democracy is the only system that can safely allow someone like me to flourish. Hopefully, there will be no need for someone to write an Apology. Democracy must be tolerant, but up to a certain point, such is the paradox of tolerance.

Caption: Pensive delusions.

I don’t want to be the boy in the tub anymore. Yes … remember … that? I wish to forget it personally; it detracts from the seriousness.

Ah, I don’t feel like writing, I’ve lost all feel for this. I’ll write again in 10 days or so. I am using the time to enlighten myself but I suspect that all I am doing is gathering the faggots for my soon-to-be funeral pyre. Amen.