They Are Gone – 11.11.01

on an empty field spanning the horizon to empty silence
besieged by a glistening sun, high up above in the sky.
somewhere, once when it was green and pleasant
children played; no care in the world to be shown.
buffered by towering mountains
capped by the whiteness of the snow
reaching for the heavens with open arms,
yet deeply entrenched into the depths of the earth.

the wind transports the silence that now inhabits this place.
from and to, blowing away remnants of this time now gone.
she can no longer irk the children,
they have marched away, look around but they are not to be found.

fragmented settlements once to the east
Now lie abandoned, they are gone.
voices, smiles, smells … departed.
away from this once tranquil place hidden away in the safety of the past.,
valley guarded by gods of earth.
they travelled off, perhaps never to return.
the memories, the sadness yet remains.

disturbing silence that now inhabits,
replacing the terror and screams once felt
this field recalls, it bears the scars in its dryness.
they went away, fleeing from the pain falling from the sky.

perhaps all will return and children will play
bringing life back to this place,
and the sad mornings under a silent sun will be gone.