until someone loses an eye

Yes, it’s all quiet funny, indeed, until someone loses an eye! Then the quiet is filled with the throngs of violent screams, “Ay me! Ay me! Darkness abounds. Oh the gore, my eye now stares endlessly from the ground at me. Alack! Alack! Someone ….” And his screams end as he collapses against blood-stained earth; unconscious, neither here nor there. But between life and death, it is transparent.

And I rush, holding him in my arms, pressing his warm body against me.

The eternal silence is punctuated by the pool of his essence, of his force dripping unto the ground. Then we return to our senses and the loud siren breaks through. Oh Save him!

And we rush, on ambulance cutting through the azure layers of the sky. And slowly, I hear his life escaping, sipping out of his being. Ah!

And I laugh! Hah! It was funny, until you lost your eye. But not after… no, then I cried. But once you were no more, oh how I laughed! Until I ached, until I rolled in pain but from laughter! Ay me!