ah gad! I\’ve killed God!

It is 2:35 am and I find myself thinking …

On Time: time does not apply to that which is never changing, i.e., what is constant. Time is required for motion; time applies to that which is not immutable. God or the deity exists outside of time for he is immutable; he is that which is and always is; he is not that which is becoming and therefore never is. Those things that are becoming are never is, i.e., being, and therefore are not constant but are always changing.

On Creation: creation is a motion; motion requires time. God or the Prime Mover has created the kosmos. But creation requires motion; therefore motion is by necessity associated with God. But if motion is associated with God, time applies to God; time applies to things that are not but are always becoming; decadence, decay! Therefore, God is not eternal? for is this not the conclusion we must reach if we are to believe that God is the creator?

God Is not the Demiurge: this world was not created by Gods nor God for there are too many imperfections.

An Attempt at Resolving the Conflict: Plato in his redefining of the gods, says that Zéus would not change for he is God and he is perfect and to change is to stop being perfect. So it is illogical that God would want to become something which is not perfect. There is no need for change then in his essence. Now, Plato says that from God only good things come about. Therefore, why would God produce/create this thing we call the kosmos if… it is mutable and therefore imperfect? What is the reason? Why bother creating an imitation of the ideal, of the model or Form?

Thus, God couldn’t have created the kosmos nor does God exist for that matter for God is eternal and he cannot be eternal if he has created, for creation requires motion and time, and these imply mortality; God cannot be mortal! But if God cannot be mortal, then he cannot have created the kosmos. God does not exist then! Thus the Kosmos has always existed for eternity and therefore requires not a beginning, because it has always existed. Besides creation ex nihilio is absurd no?!

And finally, time does not apply to it, i.e., the kosmos, because it is that which is and not that which is becoming and is not.