about the photo

Amber laughing her ass off while the essence of the universe springs forth from my mouth; “Om! Om!”

I should now take the time to explain and describe the events that culminated in it! I was too tired last night to do so … but I had to post the photo because it was super cute. At least that was the consensus at the gathering.

Sunday was quite busy at work, but like always, it was fun. At one point I lost it and started to cuss, but that in itself is an odd and peculiar phenomenon. It’s rather difficult to push my buttons but sometimes, someone is able to achieve it and voilà, the word fuck in all its forms and transmutations, i.e, verb, noun, etc., comes out in every expletive. As always, everyone finds it amusing to have me of all people cuss …. As Jessica qua Sarah would say, “Fuck dis shit!”

After work, it was decided that we should hang out and then go bowling. I was enthused by the idea, though I’ve only bowled twice in my life, the first being in Las Vegas in 2001 and the second in New Mexico in 2003. But the bowling place was closed! It’s not surprising … we should thank the gods that some businesses are actually open briefly on a Sunday!

I was “hella hungry” to quote Rorry. I was craving hummus and chips; Wendy had hummus but no chips. “Let’s go to Trader Joes!” I said. But it was already past 9pm, which meant that it would be closed. Instead we walked to the Cowgirl. I fell in love with that place last night. It was stereotypically cute, like the two small moles I will every once in a while notice on my right arm and sigh because they are for intents and purposes, cute.

We were a bit rowdy, but we tipped our waitress 25$. Not bad eih! I had a shot of tequila! It was my first time. I can’t say that I liked the taste of tequila but I did like mixing lemon juice with salt! But the shot taking was in itself enjoyable because everyone was happy and laughing and I was glad to be there. We were sitting outside, which for some odd reason, made it an amazing experience. Perhaps it was the combination of night, stars, cool air and the lights hanging all around the trees. It reminded me of that scene of “Hablale a Ella,” except we did not sing “Coo Coo Roo Coo Coo Paloma”.

Shortly after, we made our way to this other place in downtown. As I approached it, I commented that it looked “Adultish,” to the amusement of everyone. They had a jukebox and we listend to great songs like “Dancing Queen”, “Heart of Glass”, and so forth. We also played Fooz-Ball. I was quite good!

Around midnight, we walked back to Wendy’s. We arrived there shortly, but not without hugging every stranger we encountered on the way. I am not joking. It was too much. Once we reached our destination, we ended up listening to belly dancing music. I laughed when Wendy said to me, “If only we could combine our attributes,” in reference to the fact that I can move my hips but I don’t have an ass or a chest. I kept playing with Wendy’s cat … it’s soooooo cuteeeeee. Muah. I fell in love with it; it reminded me of Orwell before he moved to New York.

For the most part I chatted with Rorry who is amazing, he’s a crazier me to a certain degree. He’s an amalgamation of various vices and virtues. At one point, he wanted me to make out with Amber while Amber wanted me to make out with him. It was funny. Later on, there was an ass competition, of course Rorry blew us all out of the water, he has the nicest ass I’ve ever seen! And I don’t care for asses but his is just great!

I didn’t make it home until after 3am. Ah before I forget, I should add that at one point, I was held down on the ground while they scribbled a quote on my undershirt; that’s why there is writing on my undershirt. Whooo!