boy + girl + dog = εὐδαιμονία

My post are almost always quite serious and philosophical in nature imbued with some observation of human nature. But this time none of that. This is so sweet, I’m getting a puppy! I’m getting a puppy! Whoo hoooo! I’m getting a puppy. OMG! I should say we’re getting a puppy! Yes, we’re getting a puppy! I’m so freaking excited. Man! A puppy! OMG! We’re going to Christian it with a Greek name too! Hah! How Johnnie of us! Muah! I simply went euphoric at the ideer of having a puppy! OMG, I can’t put it in words! It’s just super! OMG we can combine a bunch of Greek words to produce a name, perhaps something like Destroyer of Cities and Defender of the Lógos. Something so spiffy and crazy like me. Hah.

Dude (oops the Californian in me escaped), I can’t wait. Not even the rejection from St. John’s can take this joy away. I’m going to be living with one my bestest friends like ever, ha ha ha, and we’ll have a dog! It’s just perfect. I’ll have someone to cook for, which I’m dying to do, and I’ll have someone with whom I can discuss the books I read. And did I forget to mention, we’ll have a dog! This is too good to be true. By the dog, Apollo is smiling on me or what? Jeez!

Seriously I’m in rapture at this moment. Not only am I going to live with someone super dapper but I’m also getting my books back and I have to say this one more time, a dog! Hah! Man. Sweet.

Adding to the fuss, hah! I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve been dreaming quite a lot about Seattle. The blue skies I’ve been searching for, I suspect await me there. Oh holy hecatombs to Zeus, spiffy, totally spiffy! Hee hee hee. Hah!

Now that I mentioned Seattle, I’m working on this wonderful piece … I think it’s something really spiffy or as the free spirit that lies within me would say, far out! Hah.