deu i set anys

Today over hot chocolate and a cig (my friend did the smoking), I received incredible advice. It is somewhat liberating to hear someone else give me the same advice I have been known to give others, though less oracular in nature; no priestess would be required to decipher his oracle. He simply said, “Let it go,” and smiled. Straight and to the point. I on the other said will say, “Put the baby seal down.” Huh? Exactly. In effect, it is the same thing, though mine has a story behind it; it is more Delphic and piquant.

So yes, I think it is time to put the baby seal down.

In another note, I have been contemplating becoming a vegan. Yes. A vegan. Why? It is the next illogical step. I want to prove to people like Ross, that I too have it in me. But I am not sure if it is the proper thing to do, being a vegetarian is adequate … yet I have a desire to go the extra mile. I don’t know. I have to think about it.

Finally, I am going back on Thursday. I feel like a tortilla, flipping back and forth. To be honest, I miss the stars in Santa Fe … it’s not the same here … the amount of light pollution overwhelms nature’s effulgent beauty.