Oh, my heart stopped beating … and when it stopped, my heart stopped beating! Hah … I stood next to the tracks, my tippy toes right on the yellow line, separator of safety and danger. “Oh this could get dangerous!” I thought and my heart began to beat, to beat again!

I slipped my hands into my back pockets and then proceeded to rock back and forth, back and forth. Meanwhile, I hummed a sweet lil’ tune and the people, reflexions of me, hovered all around creating such a hullabaloo. And I bit my lower lip.

I hear screaming and in the distance a nascent light, getting brighter by the second. And then I feel a wind storm slowly carrying me away. And I cringe. I’m such a coward and so I jump back. Ah safe … ah safe! And my heart, it beats! It beats like never! I pull my hands out of my back pockets only to place them in the front ones. I recover, blow my hair out of my face and proceed to enter the car.