on selfishness

And how is it that selfishness has now fallen out of favor, replaced by a so-called ‘selflessness’? For now I hear of the virtue of being selfless, I hear of the virtue of loving thy neighbor and other gibberish that confounds. And I hear of the honor and praise bestowed upon those that are selfless and sacrifice themselves for the good of others? Oh it is as if we have been contaminated with the narcissistic pathos of the martyr: such a benevolent and self-sacrificing being, how laudable his actions. Why do we now rile against the vice of selfishness?

It is unfathomable how being against oneself is laudable and above sheer contempt! For it is contemptible to go against oneself, to destroy one’s body simply to nurture the esprit. Oh very deceptive, what a dirty trick they play on those who choose to believe this petty nonsense! I dare say it is wickedness that makes these persons play this wicked game, for they are beyond contempt for preying upon those who are easily swayed to and fro. And they ridicule the selfish person, making him the target of derision and besmirching.

And is it not wicked to praise anyone who is mad enough so as to mortify his flesh, to destroy his body so as to reach the highest good, to receive those things of the soul? Is such a person not beyond the usage of his faculties, he is lost and drowned in his own madness, wishing to die. And yet, does not the martyr act in selfishness, for he seeks the highest good, for his abhorrence of the temporal is motivated by this unquenchable desire to attain the highest good and alleviate his soul; such is his infirmity, that blinds him from praising his body and attempting to satisfy things he knows not! Oh but he is confident in his lunacy, in his condemnation of the aberration that is the flesh, for this is what they tell him, and he drinks it meekly and quietly – until it destroys him or so it goes.

Oh but is it not folly and ridiculous to go against the self? Is it not anti-human per se? Oh but they, with their vitiated hearts, enjoy the mortification of the self and praise such insanity by calling it ‘virtuous’ and ‘selflessness’. And as if such words could hide the hideous truth, oh but for them these words can; they cannot see the truth for their eyes have become unaccustomed to the light; they have just emerged from their caverns and wroth their hatred of mankind! And they are inebriated with madness, and lust after the suffering of others, for they are worthless themselves and take great joy and satisfaction in belittling others.

Oh but look at them and their Son of God! Humiliated and defiled before being crucified to a cross! And they call this holy and divine! I call it madness! Are they not foolish and macabre, intoxicated with morbidity, for finding praise and reason to rejoice in such lunacy? Yet they are wise and holy, divine and justified. I shudder at the thought! Oh if they’d only crawl back to whence they came from!

And they will point to the parents who protect their children and call this selflessness, altruistic and good. Oh, but how they deceive themselves, for do they not realize the motive behind this selflessness is selfishness? For do not parents look after their young with the desire for immortality? For do not beings seek, whether they know it or not, seek immortality through those that spring from them? Is not instinct that drives this ‘selflessness’? Oh how foolish of these fools! And is it not because of this drive for immortality, that most divine thing of the divines. And is it not this desire for immortality that drives Eros to befriend the young and avoid the old?

But what do I know? I shall isolate myself and cease to hear this nonsense and observe from a distance the putrefaction of our language and minds with such vile words as good and evil, and their so-called selflessness. For they speak as if they were experts on such subjects, as if they were the ones who had created such things! I shall return to my hill and observe from afar until it all burns to the end.