rock on!

For the past two days + I have been rocking out. As I write this, I am listening to “She, The Friends and Everything Else” … this album is kick ass! I used to listen to it while I took 40 minute showers in that all-too-historic époche that is called adolescence. It’s distant enough to seem fictitious, but I can still taste its bitter-sweet essence on the tip of my fingers. And I’d jump, sending the water in the tub flying in every direction; and I’d shake my head, my hair dripping wet. Fun times.

Also, I have been listening to Soda. They’re awesome! Muah. Their ”Último Concierto” is sweet. It’s much softer than the aformentioned album and through it, one can hear the Andean rhythms, the South American flair; it is not of the contagious sort that conduces to a drolatic hip-and-ass-shaking as say Shakira, no … it is a more soothing, mellowing sort. At least, this is my take. I am probably wrong.

And finally, I have been listening to Litfiba, which is a bizarre type of rock. Nevertheless, it is fun. From the song that makes me scream “Istanbul” like the wailing woman at the end of Beowulf, to the song that makes me say “Shhhhpia” playing with the word until I can no longer contain it at the tip of my tongue. And of course, there is “El Diablo” which produces in me a feeling of incontrollable lucidity, a state of trance and I scream:

Oh mamma mia El Diablo!
Ah ariba, ariba El Diablo
Oh mamma mia El Diablo!
Sei, sei sei

Pronouncing diablo as tiablo for shits and giggles and of course, while I scream, my hands forming the devil sign are flung into the air. Quaint.