political machinations

Umm … let me get this straight, the Dutch No camp has seen its share of the possible vote increase thanks to the outcome of the Eurovision contest. May I say, how bloody daft? Once again, the problem with democracy is made apparent. The fact remains that most people are uneducated and to have them vote on issues that are beyond their simple comprehension seems folly. A stupid contest ought not and should not affect how someone votes! The Dutch have been pro-European (integration); the referendum should not be used as a vote of confidence on the government itself. Granted, the Low Countries now possess a right-of-centre government * shudder * but still that is no reason to vote No. The referendum is on Europe, not on the popularity of the current government.

The French are equally absurd; while the business community is calling for a Yes, the denizens seem to be aspiring for a No. Perhaps, it is true then that the EU Constitution is a tad too Anglo-Saxon … after all, businesses support it. Putting the role the State plays in the economy aside, for I don’t care to discuss the pros and cons of this, I think it’s equally absurd that the French might use the referendum to vote on the government. Again, France also currently has a right-of-centre government.

À propos Germany, it seems that whereas Spain went from a centre-of-right government to a centre-of-left government, pushing a country that is a tad backwater, to the forefront of Euoprean progressiveness through a programme of anti-clericalism, support of the extension of rights guaranteed to all citizens to those of the invert disposition, etc., Germany is to do the opposite. Already the CDU is showing that ugly aspect of the human race: xenophobia. Oh Guest-friend, how can anyone fear ye? Wait did not Paris, guest-friend that he was, steal that whore, Hellen, from Menelaos? Hah! But the hordes of Turks do not intend to steal anything from the Europeans! Sure they are conservative and belong to that Medieval-Age-trapped religion that is called Islam, but is Christianity any better? So one tells women to cover themselves and the other tells them that they should remain means of reproduction. Who’s to judge, not I! What they want is what any other instinct-driven human being wants, i.e., to improve his condition.

When Stoiber challenged Schröder in 2002 – he used his opposition to the ascention of Turkey into the EU as part of his platform. The CDU is already using this issue as part of their to-be-platform. I am not going to discuss the issue of Turkey joining the EU; I, unlike Stoiber, and if I may use him as a representative of the CDU mentality, do not believe that the EU is a Christian club, ergo Turkey cannot join. May I remind the ignorant that Asia Minor has played an all-too-important role in the historical development of Europe. While Western Europe succumbed to the darkness due to the domination of the barbarians, Byzantium prospered, and the libraries of this Greek empire (though it called itself Roman) hoarded the learning of the Greeks and so forth. Who was it that burnt the libraries and destroyed all the learning therein contained? Oh!

No, Europe is not a Christian club. Muslims have been in Europe even before Byzantium collapse to the Ottoman. Let us think of Iberia; 700’s n’est pas? Oh!

But the vote on the EU Constitution has turned into a vote on Turkey! Has anyone read the Constitution. It seems no-one has in France and Holland. A Yes vote is not a Yes on Turkey.

Oh how pusillanimous of Europe; what are they afraid of? Becoming a federalized superstate? But isn’t that what America is? Come now, we cannot have a delusional superstate, i.e., the US, that will not support and fund the campaign against AIDS if the recipient nation supports the usage of condoms. How backwards is that! America is delusional, with its purported democracy; the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans, both are anti-democracy, preventing the flourishing of a multi-party system. How are we ever to have a credible socialist party or a green party, when the Democrats accuse them of stealing votes from the Left whenever they field a presidential candidate. Oh no! A vote for those parties is a vote for Dubya. Let’s get real. We need to look to the future, not the immediate present. I rather have an idiot in power for 8 years than continue with a two party system. Look! The marginalization of democracy in America has allowed for the Idiot to get office! Hah.

As I was saying, Europe needs to act as a bulwark against American hegemony. If America is the sole superpower, what fun is it if it hasn’t its nemesis? I’m not saying another Cold War is needed, what I am saying is that there needs to be an alternative. You can’t have evil without good and vice versa, not that I am saying that America is evil … I reserve that judgment for my private thoughts. But how funny America cries terror, when it has been victimizing the Americas for the longest time, through its exploitation of resources, human and natural. But if the Americans (Iberoamericans) cannot get their act straight, if they cannot form a Unión Americana on their own without America goading them in this direction in the form of the extension of NAFTA to the whole of the continent … then maybe they deserve their subjugation to America. What do I know? I’m too Boliviano; I have always dreamt of a single nation stretching from la Patagonia to the Río Grande. A boy can dream. I guess it is easier for countries that have less in common to work together than those that have a lot in common.