my life! love it!

Discovering or rather, feeling that I have slacked in my reading habits, I find myself reading three books at the moment, two of which I have read before. Though it seems I have read less this past year, I suspect I have read more than any period in my life. And I must add that Marcel Proust’s work more than atones for my purported slacking! By Jove! My poor eyes are comptemptuously dry because of it, alas I must say that as I neared the end of volume III, I slowed down my pace because I wanted to savor the remaining morsels, extending its torturous effects several days longer! I am glad that I finished the work, though the last book that composes the work is ironically titled: Time Regained. And naturally I asked myself, “And who is to refund me the last two months and a half?” But as I said before, I am glad that I read this wonderful work. I don’t think I was too keen on the third volume. My favorite is volume I.

Changing subjects, it seems that near the end of July I shall be taking a trip. It’s nothing fancy. Alas, July seems so far! I will forget about it until the time approaches!

I spoke to my Mom to-day. She made me laugh. She seems to think that I am weird and the fact that I asked her not to throw away my old Diesel shoes corroborated her calumny! I don’t know, I just can’t find the heart to throw them away, torn as they are! I just can’t! In addition, she believes I have tb! Has anyone ever died of it? How Medieval! Perhaps the prophecy is to come true? I still have several years left though. No worries.

In other news, my Mom informed me that someone I know is going to pay me a visit at work! It’s exciting. She wouldn’t give me more details except for the fact that it should happen in the near future!