pissed off at Argentina

A word of advice to Argentina: Instead of creating a political row with Brazil, criticizing her for her desire to augment her influence not only in the Latin American but the international stage, Argentina should respect and support these attempts. Brazil is an up and coming power, and perhaps one day she shall be a world potency. And it seems that the criticisms made by Argentina are driven by envy. I don’t see Argentina doing anything to resolve the problem between Peru and Ecuador and now Peru and Chile. I have yet to hear Argentina make a statement that says Venezuela’s sovereignty must be respected to the visiting Secretary of State of the US. And while Argentina creates this political crisis, which Brazil has attempted to defuse very politely, and is totally uncalled for since the Latin America countries are brothers! the EU has strenghtened the UK’s claim to the Falkland Islands by calling them overseas territories of the UK in the purported European Constitution. And has the Argentine government said anything concerning this? No! It’s ridiculous! Argentina, ¿un país en serio? Right.