I took these photos on a trip to Albuquerque yesterday! I felt the freedom that those endless networks of road which saw their glory in the days of Eisenhower, offer to the travel. I saw those streches of New Mexico that conjure up so many memories that it overwhelmed me. I saw my arrival and I saw my departure, on both I was accompanied by Homer’s Iliad … a book I never learnt to love though I’ve read it 3 times and more. On both, I was made up many illusions and dreams. To my dismay, upon arriving in Albuquerque – in a state of wonderment no doubt influenced by my slight fever – I instantly discovered Johnnies who had ventured to come to the same place. And lo and behold! two Johnnies sat next to me. I felt like turning to my right and saying, “Hellenizeis?” But I am no longer a Johnnie and it is time to return to revert to my old self – ah the force of destiny! Though from my vocabulary never will this word disappear and I will always ask ‘Is he a Johnnie?’ or ‘That’s a Johnnie!’ and I will point excitedly. How fanciful.

This particular stretch of nothingness always recalls the sense of frustration I felt upon arriving at that otherwise unknown place called Santa Fe. I had no expectations, yet the scenery did not surfeit.

This is far, my favorite thing about Santa Fe: the cell tower. It is reminiscent of those Soviet rockets that were both weapons of destruction and tools for the advancement of science and man’s mind.

The clouds here, in this stretch of land between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, always seem to become halos around those bits of mountain that somehow wandered off from the rest of the herd.

A view of what seemingly, is downtown Albuquerque. I took this photo from the convention centre’s parking lot. Thanks to my superb sense of direction and penchant for being mellow, we were able to find out point of destation. You just have to keep a cool head!