Veg: In the end, you’re just hurting your soul. (said sardonically)
Jess: It’s not like I’m using it.

  • laughter *

Sarah: Men are gross.
Veg: Agreed.

  • seconds later*

Veg: Ummm Jessica? We’re waiting for your agreement!

  • laughter*
  • Veg pretending to be cutting his wrist (squirms)*

Sarah: What are you up to?
Veg: Oh nothing, just trying to kill myself.
Sarah: Ah.
Veg: Yup.
Sarah: What are you doing after?

Sarah: She’s looking at her picture!
Veg: Ahhh that’s so cute!
Jessica: Yeah.

  • unanimous sigh*

Sarah: So how have you been Veg?
Veg: Oh you know, coping.
Sarah: Oh?
Veg: I dropped out of Vidal Sassoon.
Sarah: Really?
Veg: Ja, I couldn’t all the makes scissor gesture along forehead


Veg: Ah so he’s autistic?
Sarah: Yeah, he is off in his own world and depressed.
Veg: So he’s my kind of autistic!