You don’t even know me
But why lie about me?

You don’t even know me
Why do you hate me?

Though I have denied myself the company of humanity outside of work, i.e., my free time, save for that of two individuals who have become essential to my existence as water is to life, once again have sprung from the darkness syndicates whose sole raison d’être is to write ‘columns’ in which they rail against me! It’s quite charming, even whimsical … upon a ponderous reflexion. Yet I cannot help but conclude: “Enough!”

nota bene: coincidentally, these two individuals have seen me at my dumbest moment, i.e., I made a comment à propos the skylights concerning snow (gad my comment was quite stupid), and my silliest, i.e., I poked a stranger.

But returning to the subject, some people simply become fixated on me and cannot for the Love of god let me be! Just forget me! I am a nothing! I am dead, wallowing in the mud of despair!