7 years online

My baby is turning 7 years old to-day! Hurrah! I never imagined that this day would come! Muah! It is difficult to believe that what started as a simple attempt at partaking in Netscape* would grow with me. My design-sense has drastically changed and although I no longer think of myself as a designer (I now see myself as a creature of letters – so I produce content), my affinity for design has become savier; don’t mind the stars on crack!*)

*When I first started to go online back in 1996, I’d call the Internet Netscape because that was what I used to surf. I did not know that Netscape was a tool to access one aspect of the Internet, i.e., the world wide web.

*Sarah and I ‘designed’ the stars using photoshop which neither one of us knows how to use. Although the stars were rather ‘rough,’ I said that they were cute and she asked, “does cute mean on crack?” hence the tagline for the site.